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April 7th - Great American Buy Local Day!


How can you get involved:

1. Gift Local this year
We know it’s not quite Christmas in July, but check some people and things off your giving list a little early this year – don’t forget area non-profits are struggling. Buy a gift card at the local salon, a new scarf and earrings at the local boutique, or make a contribution to your favorite local cause.

2. Eat out more – and tip big
Hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy local takeout lately, but even after this COVID cloud lifts, restaurants will need your business. Be sure to get out and support your local restaurants, and, consider tipping more than usual. Be as generous as you can.
3. Get social!
Many small businesses help create their social media content in house… You can help by sharing their content, posting reviews and helping to invite your friends to follow. Let’s make it a point to share a few minutes of our time to support our local shopping, eating, and local service businesses.

4. Buy gift cards – It’s the gift that keeps giving locally
You’ve been hearing for months to buy gift cards as a way to help small businesses, and we agree!  It’s a great way to support small businesses through this building recovery. As businesses continue to re-open and re-build after their closures, they’re going to rely on cash on hand more than ever and business coming in. 

5. Encourage your employer to be mindful of small and local businesses
If your business is one of the lucky ones to be in “normal” operations during the COVID crisis, encourage your co-workers and employers to be mindful of how the organization can contribute to small businesses success. For instance, try ordering promotional products from a local retailer instead of online or pick a day and order lunch in from your favorite local spot! 

6. Offer to help your small business friends
With the COVID closures, so many businesses were running on a skeleton crew. If you (or now that summer is approaching – your kiddos) have time, offer to help your small business friends wherever they need it. Maybe they need help running orders out to cars? Maybe they could use someone to sit at the front desk while they work on production. Maybe they could use someone to deliver their products to customers? Just ask – we’re sure they’ll have ideas on how they could use (and appreciate) your help!

7. Offer your expertise
Do you have a talent that could help a small business or non-profit during these financially stressful times? Are you an accountant? Marketing expert? Spreadsheet wiz? Creative genius? Technical guru? Donate some of your time to help small businesses in your area of expertise – they will be SO grateful!

8. Vacation local this year
There are so many great regional getaways, and probably a lot of places in Louisiana where you and your family have never explored or adventured!  This year, instead of leaving the state or country for your vacation, consider vacationing locally and putting those vacation dollars (and memories) back into our local economy.
Supporting small businesses after COVID-19 will be just as important, if not more, than supporting them during the state closures. We have been given a clearer perspective into how vital small businesses are to our local economies, now let’s show them our support in a big way this summer and into the future! 


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