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Best Practices - Avoiding the Zoom 'Bombs'

As businesses turn to platforms like Zoom to host online meetings, issues in the Zoom software have allowed unwanted individuals to 'crash' or 'bomb' Zoom meetings, often with profanity or pornography. 
To help minimize the possibility of Zoomboming,, we strongly recommend that anyone scheduling Zoom meetings take following steps to ensure your Zoom meetings are properly secured:
·    Require passwords for all Zoom meetings
·    Never post Zoom links over public platforms \ social media 
·    Set screensharing to “Host Only
·    Update Zoom all applications
·    (iOS/MacOS/Windows10)
·    Use the “Waiting Room” for Zoom meetings open to public participation
·    A virtual staging area that stops your guests from joining until you’re ready for them.
·    Meeting hosts can customize Waiting Room settings for additional control and personalization.
If you become victim of a teleconference hijacking or “Zoombombing” please report the event to the State’s Cyber Crimes Unit (CCU) @ Louisiana State Police Fusion Center: 
1-800-434-8007 (or by email as soon as possible.

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