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Living Well Foundation Announces Grant Cycle

The Board of Directors of the Living Well Foundation announces that a Grant Cycle for

2023 will open April 15, 2023, to accept letters of intent, with applications completed by

May 28, 2023. All requests will be submitted through the online software portal on the

Foundation website.

With continuing awareness of the ongoing recovery and the impact to populations from

the pandemic, and the health and well-being challenges that continue in the service area,

the Foundation seeks applications from qualifying organizations which will have impact

for the region. Grant applications should address one or more of the identified priorities

of healthy lifestyles, access to healthcare, special needs of children and youth, or suicide

prevention/intervention. The Foundation advises that large impact projects which have

collaboration or matching funding and which are sustainable over time will offer more

opportunities for issues to be addressed. Programs or services which are focused to the

health and well-being of populations and improvements or innovative solutions for

medical, dental, or behavioral/mental health will be considered. Creative new

programming or solutions in the identified priorities are of interest for this funding cycle

as well.

The Living Well Foundation is a non-profit public charity created from the sale of

Glenwood Regional Medical Center in 2006. More information can be found on the

Foundation website,, under the Grants menu, or by calling

the Foundation office at 318-396-5066.

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