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OSHA Issues New Guidance for COVID-19 Recordkeeping

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued new guidance on reporting incidences of COVID-19 infections when employees are known to have contracted the Coronavirus at the workplace.
OSHA-covered employers are mandated to record certain work-related injuries and illnesses on their OSHA 300 log. COVID-19 infection can be recordable if a worker is infected as a result of work-related duties, but employers are only required to record cases of COVID-19 if all of the following are true:

  1. The case is a confirmed case of COVID-19;
  2. The case is work-related; and
  3. The case involves one or more of the general recording criteria (e.g., medical treatment beyond first aid, days away from work).
Further details on these recordkeeping procedures may be found at OSHA's Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements page. You can also clickHERE for more Coronavirus information and guidance from OSHA. 

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