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Southern Spirit Transmission



About Us

We develop, construct, own, and operate high-quality wind, solar, transmission, and energy storage projects across North America.

Privately funded by Pattern Energy, Southern Spirit represents a more than $2.6 billion dollar investment and will serve as a long-term asset to the region.
The Project will generate economic benefits through right-of-way payments to private landowners, increased tax revenue, and job creation. Southern Spirit will begin in Louisiana at the Texas border and extend into Mississippi. It will connect to Texas by way of the Rusk to Panola Transmission Project in partnership with Garland Power & Light.


-Provides reliable power for ERCOT and Southeastern grids, addressing growing demand by increasing access to existing supply in both regions.

-Offers support during extreme weather events by allowing power to be shared between grids.

-Increases electric diversification to help drive down rates for electricity customers, especially in time of high energy demand.

-Enhances grid reliability through the distinctive advantages of VSC HVDC technology.

-Preserves ERCOT’s independence via Federal approval granted.

-The Project will enhance reliability, facilitate a valuable connection to diverse energy resources, enhance grid resilience during extreme weather and usage events, and provide electricity consumers with access to low-cost energy.

-Southern Spirit will also have the capacity to transport power in either direction along the line allowing sharing between the grids, particularly during periods of high energy demand.

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