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About Us

Underscore is an Internet Marketing company based in Northeast Louisiana, serving the entire U.S. We offer an array of services, but focus primarily on Business Website Design, SEO (Local or Nationwide), and Lead Generation.

Our Business Websites are built upon a foundation of high-quality content and on-page optimization. Our goal is for your website to not only look good, but rank well and get in front of the customers you’re trying to reach.

If you already have a business website but aren’t seeing the success you feel your business deserves, try our SEO services. Underscore offers Local SEO for small businesses, Nationwide/E-Commerce SEO for those trying to reach a larger audience, and Corporate SEO for larger companies seeking a dominant web presence. Each level of our SEO offerings comes with two guarantees: 1) You’ll gain a minimum of 5 new keywords ranking on the first two pages of Google results each month, and 2) You’ll have a net gain of at least 15 positions across all tracked keywords. If either of these conditions isn’t met, you don’t pay. Also, our SEO is different in that it’s offered without a burdensome contract: we aim to continually earn your business each month without locking you down.

Finally, for some high-ticket business niches in populous areas, a Lead Generation campaign is the right answer. This sort of campaign depends on high search volume, so we’ll have to discuss your lead generation goals and assess the market to determine if it’s right for your business.

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